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Reinventing Organizations as Movements: Chloe Waretini (Making Change Broadcast)

Enspiral logo - tile - framedBeing a living laboratory means Creating the Future is always seeking others who are experimenting with different organizational forms.  

You can therefore imagine our joy to learn about the work being done at New Zealand based Enspiral!Per their website, “Enspiral is a bold experiment to create a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work.”

The more Creating the Future has explored what leadership could look like if organizations were being the movements they want to see, the more the issues extend beyond leadership and decision-making. Organizational structure, relationships (within and outside the organization), business models – everything comes into question when we stop assuming that things have to be the way they’ve always been.

And these are the very issues Enspiral has been exploring! 

Which is why I am excited to have Enspiral collaborator Chloe Waretini join me for an hour, to provide insights into the grand experiment she is so fortunate to be a member of.

  • If you have been looking for alternatives to centralized, hierarchical decision-making…
  • If you have been wondering what it would take for your organization’s decision-making and participation to reflect the community you want to see…
  • If you have sensed there is a way to get your company or organization’s people more engaged in creating their own future (and present!)…


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Video Podcast interview with Chloe Waretini, member and active participant, Enspiral Network
Friday, October 30th
1pm Pacific time / 4pm Eastern time

To join the conversation, just tweet to the hashtag #CTFuture. See you there!

For a summary to date of the many months of discussion around this issue by Creating the Future’s board, head here. And to participate in our board’s next discussion about this on November 5th, head here.

Chloe Waretini is a Co-catalyst, Designer, Strategist and Activator at Enspiral. As part of that work, she heads up Enspiral’s Purposive Collective – a multi-disciplinary team of people who use their creative talents to build communities of purpose around social and environmental projects.

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