Collaborate with Other Consultants — Panel Discussion via Google Hangout

Ever feel a little too independent as an independent consultant? During a recent discussion at Creating the Future’s Facebook group for Community Benefit consultants, many people expressed interest in learning how to collaborate with other consultants to share the work, lighten the load, tap talents, and better serve our communities. Four members of our group offered to share the ways they developed formal, ongoing collaborations with other consultants and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Please join moderator and Creating the Future fellow Kim Tso  as she chats with:

Here’s a PDF that profiles their forms of Consultant Collaborations.

We will spend 45 minutes on the panel discussion and then open up the discussion to answer your Twitter questions. Send any questions you want answered during the live panel by using the hashtag #NPCons or send them directly to @KimberlyTso.  See you there!


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Twitter stream from the Collaborate With Other Consultants Google Hangout

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