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One Thursday, September 19th at 1pm PT, we’ll be meeting to craft our workshop for the BoardSource conference. The video of that session will appear at the bottom of this post at the time of the meeting. To participate, tweet to #CTFuture.

Back in April, a group of Creating the Future fellows gathered to craft a proposal to BoardSource, offering to present a workshop at their conference in November, focused on our open participatory meetings.

As part of that proposal development process, we asked for your ideas. After all, what’s the point of proposing a session about being open and participatory if we aren’t open and participatory in developing that proposal in the first place!

The good news is that BoardSource approved our “Extreme Accountability” proposal and invited us to present a 90 minute session. Which means it is now time for us to actually craft what we’ll be doing during that session!  Just as we did in crafting the proposal, it seems only logical for us to once again do that work together – with you.

And so, on Thursday, September 19th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, we will be doing just that, right here at this blog post (video will appear at the end of the text), hopefully with your participation via the Twitter hashtag #CTFuture.

As a refresher, the proposal we submitted is here. What we promised to provide included:

  • Participants will learn via case study and discussion with actual board members who work with this approach
  • Participants will learn “on the job,” by putting open engagement into practice during the session, participating in a mock board meeting that invites public participation
  • Participants will discuss their experience and reactions, and brainstorm steps to apply these approaches to their own boards and/or boards of consulting clients

Now it’s time to figure out what that means for nuts and bolts of the session – the format, the process, the content. The presenters will include two board members and one non-board-member who frequently participates via twitter.

Whether you are planning to attend the session in LA in November, or you will not be able to be there but wish you could, please help us make that session the most effective it can be. How can we accomplish all we have set out to accomplish (per the proposal objectives here)?

  • What would make this session amazing?
  • What would you want to learn and explore – and in what format?
  • What kind of session would best allow you to experience the power of open participatory meetings?

Be at our Session Prep meeting on the 19th and help us make this session the best it can be.  (And if you can’t be at the meeting on the 19th – or if you have some thoughts right now and you don’t want to lose them – please share in the comments right here. We will incorporate those thoughts and ideas during the meeting, so please share now!)

See you right here on September 19th at 1pm PT!



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One Response to Crafting a Conference Workshop
  1. Bill Musick
    September 17, 2013 | 5:11 pm


    Start with Aspiration vs reports

    Talk about how CTF got to this point on this issue

    Model what it looks and feels like (and in the process address the reasons that others might hesitate to try it)

    Q&A/Tips for implementing (with recognition of where each individual organization may be starting)