About this Lab

Creating the Future is helping to spark a movement to be the world we want to see, right now, reconnecting people to the cause-and-effect roots of human progress – possibility, wisdom, and interconnectedness.

To accomplish that, Creating the Future is a living laboratory, with a 10 year mission: to turn old wisdom of possibility and connection into actionable tools used commonly in workplaces around the world.

Given that consultants are often at the forefront of teaching people how to “be” in workplaces, an important aspect of Creating the Future’s Research and Development mission is to determine the most effective ways for consultants to do their work.

This blog is the living and learning laboratory where Creating the Future is doing that R&D work – seeking to find what aligns the work of consultants and coaches with the healthy, humane future we all want for our world.

We hope you will join us as we explore together, learn together, and create the future together!