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Getting People to Change

If creating the world we all want means getting people to change what they currently do, how can we get people to change? That may just be the most common question we hear when we share that Creating the Future is building a movement to make ¬†visionary community impact the norm in social change work,… Continue Reading

Doing More with Less in Hard Times

Today, I was the guest for a Live Online Q&A Discussion hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.¬† The title – chosen by them, not me – was Doing More with Less in Hard Times. Yes, it just about SCREAMS “scarcity,” but that didn’t stop this Pollyanna from talking about the tremendous possibilities we all have,… Continue Reading

Boards and Fundraising – Enough!

When will we stop the ridiculous demand that boards get past their “hang-ups” and just get out there and ask people for money? This morning’s Google Alert linked me to yet another article excerpted from yet another book on how to get boards to “Break Through Fundraising Anxiety” – this one from BoardSource, but it… Continue Reading