Leadership Through Governance

By: Debra Beck, EdD We recruit our nonprofit board members, in part, for the potential represented in their personal, professional and community connections. We gravitate to their rich expertise and skills. But too often, we confine them to the boardroom and a stifling list of passive roles that do anything but engage them. If our… Continue Reading

Set the Stage for Planning with Compelling Questions

When preparing to plan, what are the most important questions to answer, to set the stage for successful and impactful planning? The experts in Creating the Future’s Facebook group for consultants to community benefit organizations have a wealth of experience in this type of work, so we asked for them to share their wisdom on… Continue Reading

Evaluations that Bring Out the Best in People: 5 Experts Weigh In

What would it take for employee evaluations to bring out the best in people? Deep down, we all realize that the process of evaluation is full of possibilities, yet it often falls short of what it could be. In preparing for a discussion on this topic at Creating the Future’s November board meeting, we asked several… Continue Reading