About this Blog

Welcome to Creating the Future’s efforts to re-think Philanthropy!

From its Greek origins, philanthropy translates to “Love of Humanity.”  Love of Humanity might include giving money.  It might include the commonly understood (albeit often unspoken) definition of  “those with significant means helping to provide for those with lesser means.”

But it appears to us that if we limit our Love of Humanity to just those narrow areas, we are not only missing the point, but missing a huge opportunity to be the world we want to see.

And so the purpose of this blog is to explore the highest potential for philanthropy when seen through the lens of that “Love of Humanity.”   Through that lens, we are all philanthropists – we are all able to love and support and nurture each other, in ways that reach far beyond money.

We hope you will join the conversation about what that looks like in practice – and what a return to philanthropy’s roots can make possible for our world.

Authors at this blog include…

Kimberly Tso
Alexandra Peters
Hildy Gottlieb

Please let us know if you have suggestions for other bloggers to include here, who are rethinking philanthropy towards its highest potential for creating the future we all want for our world.