Catalytic Thinking – A Practice for Bringing Out the Best in People and Situations

People often ask about Creating the Future’s frameworks. They experience those frameworks in many ways – noticing a difference in the questions we ask and the results from those questions. And they are curious what is at the heart of that practice.

The answer is what we call Catalytic Thinking.

Catalytic Thinking is a practice for creating conditions that bring out the best in people and situations. It is a practice that helps people respond to circumstances in ways that create what is possible vs. reacting from old cultural habits rooted in stories that no longer serve us.

We will be writing a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months – publishing white papers and producing videos and classes.  For now we hope this graphic begins to tell the story of what the practice of Catalytic Thinking is all about.

Catalytic Thinking - Graphic (no detail) June 2015 LR


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