New Logo for Creating the Future

New logo (for blog post)Out with the old logo, in with the new!

After a year of finding our voice and our message (which you'll find here), it is time to turn those words into images and graphics. And YES – that means a new logo, and a new overall “look and feel” for everything from a new website (finally!), business cards, and everything in between.

Finally Creating the Future's website and everything else will evoke what we are at the core – that thing that each of you feels when you think of this work!

And we sure need your help with that! As much as we needed input when we were making our way through our word messaging, we need it doubly with our image messaging!

To begin this step in the journey, we asked ourselves, “What will the logo and “look and feel” make possible for Creating the Future and its mission?” Here’s what we came up with:

A new look and feel will…

  • Make Creating the Future recognizable; create engagement and a sense of community
  • Support the energy and spirit of our work, our name "Creating the Future" and our tagline "Change the Questions, Change the World!"
  • Send a clear and consistent message of what we’re about to people who don't know us yet
  • Generate enthusiasm “Wow, I want to be a part of this!”
  • Generate a sense of belonging to those who already know us
  • Create momentum “I’m seeing you everywhere”
  • Create movement towards engagement and community

Logo - crossed out for blog post 7-21-14We then asked, “If that is what a consistent look and feel will make possible, then what will our look and feel need to be in order to accomplish that? What will it need to have? What will it need to evoke?”  Here’s what we came up with:

  • High energy!
  • Strength / Power
  • Movement / Momentum
  • Simple, clean and concise
  • Represents the ACTION of our work. (Our name and tagline are statements of action: “Creating the Future” and “Change the Questions, Change the World!”)
  • Inviting, welcoming, eliciting a feeling of openness – inviting people to come in and be “lab partners” in this living laboratory.

This is the short list we've come up with so far. Being so deeply inside the work, though, we know this is not entirely it. Which is where you come in.

  • What feelings does Creating the Future evoke for you, that you think our graphic look and feel should evoke?
  • What would you add? 
  • What stands out in the list we created? What resonates (that is on the list, or that we missed)?
  • What words / feelings / elements best describe what Creating the Future is all about?
  • And if it's helpful, what is it about our current logo and look / feel that does NOT work? (Sometimes thinking about what does not work helps spark what would work).

Logo (horiz) - crossed out for blog post 7-21-14 We’ll be going out to bid in the next few weeks. What should we tell a graphic designer we want Creating the Future’s new look and feel to tell the world about us?


If you're curious about the conversations that led to this point, you'll find them here. 

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