Rocking Our Top Accomplishments

Exclamation mark!In Hildy's report to the board for the April meeting, she shared a five-year perspective since our first immersion course in April 2009. 

For those who prefer the Cliff Notes version of just the past year, please enjoy 2013's top accomplishments. And please click here to see how you would like to participate in this work in 2014 and beyond!

If you're reading this in an email reader, click here to watch a whole year in 2 minutes!

Evaluating Outcomes for a Conference

How does one measure the success of a conference?  Typically this question is answered poorly, if at all – using "smile sheets" that ask questions such as, "Would you recommend this conference to a friend?" Which all assumes that the reason for having a conference is to have a conference – an end unto itself….

April 2014 Board Meeting: Financial Oversight

Creating the Future's board meeting will happen right here on Monday, April 14th at 1pm EDT. Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch it live. To share your ideas, questions, and observations, tweet to the hashtag #CTFuture. Board Packet Materials: • Agenda • Agenda video • Board Report: Video This month Creating the…