Creating a Monthly Contributors Campaign: October 20, 2016 Meeting

If the world we want to see is one where relationships between institutions and individuals are built upon trust – just like it is in real friendships – what might “walking the talk of true friendship and trust relationships” look like in the day-to-day of developing a fundraising campaign?

As Creating the Future is about to develop a Monthly Contributor Campaign, this question is front and center for us. And we will be digging in to explore answers when we meet on October 20th right here at this post.

An interesting twist happens when we move from emphasizing what donations can make possible for the organization, to instead focus on what the campaign itself can make possible for the people participating in it – champions and donors alike. What is possible when a fundraising campaign is an on-ramp to true engagement and friendship vs. the other way around?

You can see the beginning of our team’s conversation about that here. 

As happens with every planning conversation at Creating the Future, what began as an internal conversation ended with the next steps of inviting others into the discussion. That’s because walking the talk of true friendship and trust relationships means engaging YOUR voices and YOUR experience from the start, co-creating the planning process and action plan that will create that campaign in the first place!

Unlike normal fundraising conversations that happen behind-closed-doors, we will build the strategy for our Monthly Contributor plan openly online, as we do with all Creating the Future’s strategy conversations. It is only when operating from scarcity that people feel the need to hide their fundraising strategy from others. By having this conversation openly, we will not only build a strong plan by engaging many great minds to learn, share and explore together, we will also be demonstrating that there is benefit in sharing information and approaches.

Guided by Catalytic Thinking, our meeting on October 20th will be rooted in the outcomes we defined in our first conversation. For those outcomes to become reality, what favorable conditions must be in place for the champions who will lead this campaign? 

  • What favorable cause and effect conditions need to be in place for Creating the Future champions to deeply engage other individuals with our work?
  • What would champions need to know? To have? To understand?
  • What would champions need to believe? To be assured of?

What this conversation will make possible for YOU
Whether you join this conversation in real time or watch afterward, we hope that listening (and hopefully participating!) will give you confidence to have this conversation within your own organization. If your organization used fundraising as an on-ramp to relationship-building (vs. the other way around), imagine what that could make possible!?

Be Part of This Discussion
YOU are invited to be part of this conversation – to sit inside the meeting with us if you’d like, or to watch and tweet in real time.

If you would like to be at the table with us, in the actual meeting discussion on the video screen, please send a note via the Contact form here.

If you prefer to watch the meeting without actually being in the meeting, participating via Twitter as the spirit moves you, the meeting will appear right at this blog post at 12pm Eastern time (US) / 10am Pacific time on Thursday, October 20. Just tweet using the hashtag #CTFuture and we’ll pull your comments into the discussion. (And if it’s a few minutes past the hour and the video is not showing, just reload your page. We may be starting a few minutes late.)

We look forward to an energizing discussion. And we look forward to your being part of that conversation!  

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