Demonstration Lab

Welcome to the demonstration project that is Creating the Future – the place where Creating the Future turns itself inside out and invites you to take part in our exploration together!  This is where we walk the talk of what it means to put our values into action* – to be the future we want to see in this world.

If we are holding ourselves accountable for creating a future that is more vision-based, values-based, strength-based – a future that is cooperative, engaged, open, trusting – it only makes sense to be precisely that in doing our own work.

Creating the Future is holding itself accountable for demonstrating what it looks like to encourage and invite participation – to create an organization that is part of a movement for real change with a mission we intend to accomplish and then move on.

And we are doing so right here in front of everyone.

First and foremost, this is where all our meetings will live stream. (For a schedule of meetings and other updates, subscribe to our What's New blog.)

It is also where we hope you will join us as our board works through all sorts of governance issues that most boards keep behind closed doors – not as theoretical ponderings, but real practical questions about building our own board.

It is here that we will discuss the factors we are considering in our resource development efforts. It's where we will discuss programs we’re developing, hiring and compensation issues, board recruitment issues. Every major policy and strategy issue we grapple with at Creating the Future will be decided with your input, your thoughts, your concerns.

And while yes, this is where we will post board minutes and other items commonly found in "transparency" lists, it is also where we will ask for your wisdom, your ideas, your experience. Transparency, after all, suggests that there is a barrier – it is simply see-through.  Open participation is about eliminating that barrier, and inviting people to come in, sit down, and chat.

So please come learn and explore with us. In that way, this ongoing demonstration project in transparent engagement will not belong to Creating the Future, but to all of us together.

We look forward to your being with us on this journey!

* There will be times when Creating the Future's work will require a closed meeting. Our board discussed what circumstances would require that we close the doors, which resulted in our Policy on Closed Sessions. The essence of the policy is this: Unless circumstances dictate that a meeting should be closed, it will be open.

* The values that guide Creating the Future are rooted in The Pollyanna Principles. Because values are worthless if not put into action, you will find our "Statement of Our Values in Action" here.