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Creating the Future / PANO Conference: 3 Ways to Participate, Wherever You Are!

The first-ever Creating the Future conference – a fully co-created effort with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Orgs (PANO) – is happening this Monday and Tuesday. And with the theme of The Power of We, YOU will be a big part of this event, wherever you are! Live-streaming of the Plenary Sessions (right here!) Follow the…

Evaluating Outcomes for a Conference

How does one measure the success of a conference?  Typically this question is answered poorly, if at all – using "smile sheets" that ask questions such as, "Would you recommend this conference to a friend?" Which all assumes that the reason for having a conference is to have a conference – an end unto itself….

Outcomes that Outlast the Event: PANO / Creating the Future Conference

If the PANO/Creating the Future conference is a beginning vs. an end unto itself, what is it the beginning OF?  And what needs to be in place to ensure that whatever comes next continues to aim at the desired outcomes – building trust relationships, building upon the strengths of people in their communities, and building…