Blog Roundup – September 2015

Roundup on the Sherman Ranch, Genesee, Kans. 1902

With all the activity happening in the social change laboratory at Creating the Future, this past few months has generated more than its share of content – videos and podcasts, blog posts at our 7 blogs, classes and learnings in multiple formats.

We hope this round-up of the highlights encourages you to dive in to what interests you – and to either get involved in our explorations at Creating the Future, OR to make them your own exploration, taking these ideas and putting them into practice in your own work!

Change the Questions, Change the World!
One of our 2015 goals just got checked off the list – a white paper that teaches how you can bring out the best in the people and situations around you, as you work to create the future of our world.

In Part1 of that draft white paper, you will find the theory behind the approach. If you’ve been seeking research-based explanations for why current social change efforts seem to create as much frustration as results, you will want to read this paper! Read Part 1 here.

In Part 2, you will find the action framework that turns that theory into practice – the Catayltic Thinking framework. Catalytic Thinking is a set of practices that make explicit the simple factors that create positive results, so those results can be consistently replicated and scaled. Continue reading here…

Blowing up our Signature Program… 
The quandary: A product or service is popular, and it generates revenues, but it is not as effective as it could be in making a difference. What do you do?

What we wound up doing was blowing up our signature “Immersion Education” program, and developing a full online curriculum…  (continue reading)

Technology that Brings out the Best in Us!
To support our new online education curriculum, we will need to find a technology platform that will bring out the best in our students, our instructors, and the material itself. As we’ve begun that exploration, we’ve been surprised at how many of our colleagues are telling us, “We’re watching what you do, because we need the same thing for our own programs!” (Continue reading…)

What Stories Make Possible
Oh the power of stories, the connecting glue of humanity!

Stories offer rich, vast and fertile fodder for sharing, learning and connecting together as humans. Stories inspire and catalyze those who are ready to try something different. Stories recognize and honor individuals who are a part of them,  people who may not see how awesome their story is. Stories serve as roadmaps with tangible details. Stories offer the “proof” or example someone is seeking.  Stories amplify and ripple out far beyond the first share. (Continue reading…)

Consultants Panel DiscussionConsultants Collaborating with Other Consultants
Business people are not always in competition with each other; they actually collaborate a lot more than one might imagine. In this candid discussion, a group of independent consultants talk honestly about what collaboration can make possible, and what it takes to do it well. (Watch here…)

Blowing Up Boards and Starting Over
This week, the world is watching as yet another corporate scandal grips the headlines – this time from Volkswagen. And we once again hear the old song among business pundits everywhere:  “Where was the board?”

That timing couldn’t be more perfect for our own board’s discussion at Creating the Future – a discussion that may have more to do with your own organization (or a board you sit on as a volunteer) than you think. “If there were no such thing as boards of directors, what systems would we build to effectively lead organizations?” (Continue reading…)

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